West Ashley neighborhood dealing with aftermath of flood

VIDEO: West Ashley neighborhood dealing with aftermath of flood

People across the Lowcountry are faced with picking up the pieces of what's left in their homes in the aftermath of the flooding. 

"When you look, there's like this square in my room, and it's empty and when you look you get to see my mom's bathroom," says 5-year-old Austyn Hale, who lives in the Shadowmoss neighborhood in West Ashley.

Austyn recalls what her house looks like after the flood.

"That day when my house flooded that was a school day for me, and the water was so high up, it was on my mom's knees," says Austyn.

Things that were a part of people's everyday lives now line the street of the neighborhood in several piles.

"Everything is in disarray, you know of course the smell in the house from all the moisture, we have nothing downstairs everything has been moved out," says Linda Hall who lives a block way from Hale in Shadowmoss.

"The gesture has come and we have... $25,000 worth of damage, so now we're in the process of drying everything out," says Hall.

Water damage restoration workers are in the neighborhood helping to clean-up. A crew from Florida was busy clearing out walls and disinfecting homes. 

"Our neighbors across the street brought everyone a lasagna dinner so we've had a lot of help," says Hall. "We've had churches come through, give us cleaning supplies, everyone has pulled together."

Austyn had to throw away some of her favorite things, but she says, "people have been bringing us new toys."

She found a way to hang on to some of those memories of toys she no longer has.

"We took pictures of them," says Austyn. 

Though families aren't able to hold on to as much as they hoped for.

"Bicycles, tools, everything, the lawn mower, everything in the garage was destroyed," says Hall. 

They still remain thankful.

"We are very blessed that... we are still alive, it was a very traumatic event," says Hall. 

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