Wakes created from drivers have downtown residents frustrated

Wakes created from drivers have downtown residents frustrated

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - As people in downtown Charleston recover from Tuesday's historic tide levels, they're also preparing for more rain and high tides Wednesday.

People in Harleston Place, off Barre Street, hope drivers won't drive fast through the the flooded streets.

Harleston Place sits off Lockwood Blvd. When drivers speed through the floods, wakes are created that go into people's yards and homes.

"I've never seen flooding this bad and I've lived here over 10 years," said Peg Eastman standing just feet away from Lockwood Blvd., in her back yard.

Her backyard garden is now damaged from Tuesday's high tide.
It's something her neighbor Lucas Daniels can relate to.

"We had to redo all the plants after the first flooding three weeks ago," said Daniels. "And, we just did them two days ago. Of course they're dead."

His plants are now all ruined, because the water they've seen is not the type plants need.

"It's salt water," said Daniels. "That's all the Ashley River taking its territory back."

Eastman and Daniels didn't see water in their homes, because they sit on 50 foot pilings, above their garages. But, their yards are destroyed.

They say October hasn't been fun.

"This reminds me of a hurricane because the rain continues to come in bands," said Eastman.

"Yea, this kind of flooding, this is impressive," said Daniels.

They know the flooding isn't a quick fix. So, they're asking everyone to drive slow and remember, people live just feet away from the flooded streets.

As they prepare for the more rain to come down, and the tide to come up, they'll take advantage of any breaks.

"We're not used to being confined," said Eastman. "And, that's like me coming out the minute come you can to see what's going on, because you don't like being stuck in a house."

They're also planning for the future.

"My next vehicle is probably going to be a boat," said Daniels.

High tide Wednesday is at 9:31 a.m. and 9:56 p.m.

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