Organizers making extra efforts to make Coastal Carolina Fair safe

Organizers making extra efforts to make Coastal Carolina Fair safe

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - The 2015 Coastal Carolina fair kicks off in less than 24 hours, and vendors are getting everything set up, ahead of the gates opening.

Fair officials say they're making extra efforts this year to make sure everyone has a safe time at the fair.

"We have a pretty good feel for safety out here and what we're doing, I think when you go to other fairs you'll see that we go a few extra steps out here to make things safe," said Joe Bolchoz, Media and Safety Coordinator Coastal Carolina Fair.

Bolchoz says a lot goes into making sure that the fair is safe for everyone to enjoy.

"When we look at safety, it's not just rides, it's from the parking lot right on through the gate and everything else that you come in contact with," said Bolchoz.

Just last weekend, shots were fired at the State Fair in Columbia injuring a 15-year-old.

Fair organizers in Richland County say they make everyone go through a metal detector at the gate and don't know how the gun got into the fair.

The Coastal Carolina Fair does not have metal detectors, however, Bolchoz says they have other ways to keep people safe.

"We've added cameras this year, so that we can keep an eye on the ground," said Bolchoz.

Bolchoz says the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, whose deputies monitor the fair, supplied some new, additional security cameras that have been discreetly placed through the fairgrounds.

"We have the Charleston County Sheriff's deputies with us. Those people have been with us for years. They're off-duty, but they're being paid by the fair and they know the fair and they know these grounds better than some of our newer members," said Bolchoz.

Bolchoz says fair volunteers will also be easy to spot if you need help.

"If you see something that makes you uncomfortable, all you have to do is let us know and I promise we will follow up on that we don't want you coming to the fair and feeling unsafe," said Bolchoz.

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