Some Johns Island residents want help fixing flood issues

VIDEO: Some Johns Island residents want help fixing flood issues

JOHNS ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Some Johns Island residents are frustrated after October's flooding made existing problems on the island worse. Current conditions have residents asking why the county or state hasn't stepped in to help out sooner.

"My parents bought this property in '64, we had a big flood in the 70s, it didn't get this bad in the 70's," says Johns Island resident, Kevin Tucker.

Tucker has a canal that flows across the front of his nearly 10 acre property. He says several areas along the canal are washed out, creating dangerous conditions for driving too close. His main driveway branches off in three directions. but now he can only drive on one path because of the damage done by flooding. He says some areas can't support his truck.

"My stepfather is a disabled vet, he's in a wheel chair, he has to go in and out by EMS and EMS really don't want to cross this," says Tucker.

Tucker says the county has been responsible for for the upkeep of the canal. Charleston County workers have been out to home, but he's expected them to fix the washout areas sooner.

"I've had to get trenches dug to help evacuate water," says Tucker.

Tucker says areas near his main driveway floods even in recent rain, after October's flood.

On Bohicket Road on Johns Island, recent rainfall has caused a build up of rain in select areas. One woman who lives on the street said she could only to talk on the phone, because the water was waist deep outside her home.

SCDOT workers unclogged a drain near the flooded homes. In less than an hour the water level began decreasing.

The workers say it will take about a day for the water to go down, but they plan to come out the next day to clear the drains nearby.

Johns Island residents are hoping county and state leaders will pay attention to their needs.

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