K-Con Inc. hosts 17th Annual Thanksgiving Cookcout for CYDC


NORTH CHARLESTON - (WCSC) - K-Con Inc., a contractor company, fried about 49 Turkey's for it's 17th Annual Thanksgiving feast for the Carolina Youth Development Center or CYDC.

The K-Con Inc employees also smoked Turkey's to go with the sides. The celebration is for the Callen-Lacey Center for Children, a children's emergency shelter, and the Carolina Youth Development Center or CYDC along with families and staff. CYDC's mission is empower children in the community by providing a safe environment, educational support, and career readiness.

President of K-Con Inc. Pat Kiernan says it's a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community.

"We've been doing it so long it's really become part of our company and something we look forward to every year, something that we all get excited about, and not only our company but the people that we work with around the community as well."

The company was expecting to celebrate Thanksgiving with between 120 and 170 guests.

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