Addlestone Hebrew Academy opens its doors of new building to community

Published: Dec. 14, 2015 at 3:27 AM EST|Updated: Jul. 31, 2016 at 2:22 PM EDT
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WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - It's coming towards the end of Hanukkah, but it's the beginning of something new for the local Jewish community. The Addlestone Hebrew Academy opened the doors of its brand new facility in West Ashley. On Sunday the school hosted a grand opening celebration for the community.

Gloria Goldberg calls her first look at her grandchildren's school an experience much different than her own.

"It just means everything to me, I grew up in a town where we were the only Jewish couple and no one really understood what it was like to be Jewish," says Goldberg.

The Academy is a place where everyone understands. The new facility features special science technology, engineering, art and math labs, a media center and kosher kitchens. Teachers are also using Apple TVs in classrooms. Student and teachers started using the new building in November.

"I was very excited to see how it looked," says 7-year-old student, Harry Goldberg.

Honorary Board member of the school and CEO of the InterTech Group, Anita Zucker, says the school is the heartbeat to keeping this community alive.

"It's the heart and soul of our Jewish community, it's a place where our children can come have a state of the art education both in secular settings as well as religious studies," says Zucker.

Candace Vanderstelt works at the Academy she says the students and teachers are very thankful for the resources at the new school.

"Everyday you come in and you just look around and look at everything and it's just so fortunate," says Vanderstelt.

In the new year students will get personal iPads to use in the classrooms.

"Everybody is just so pumped up about the iPad program and whenever we put the device in their hand with me once a week for right now, it's just I can't tell you the level of excitement, it's just absolutely amazing."

Hannah Lipchutz is an 8th grade student at the school. She's enjoying the new experiences and she says her school is amazing.

"I like how the speakers are built in the ceiling, so you get to hear it and it's like a real movie theater," says Lipchutz.

The school serves students from the age of 18 months to 8th grade. For Gloria, seeing her grandchildren attend this school is something special.

"I'm just proud of everybody here, all the children, I think it's just good for everybody," says Goldberg.

The Jerry and Anita Zucker Family Foundation constructed the more than $8 million facility.
It has space for about 100 more students then it did while it was sharing a space with the Charleston Jewish Community Center. They are both located on the same campus in West Ashley.

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