Judge sets bond for man accused of scamming 78-year-old woman

Published: Dec. 21, 2015 at 9:09 PM EST|Updated: Dec. 22, 2015 at 11:12 PM EST
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The victim said she paid $500 to get her loved one out of jail. (Photo Source: Live 5)
The victim said she paid $500 to get her loved one out of jail. (Photo Source: Live 5)

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A judge set bond for a man accused of scamming a 78-year-old Summerville woman.

Kirkland Schlutt, 39, was arrested Monday night in Berkeley County, according to Summerville Police Capt. Jon Rogers. He was wanted on a charge of breach of trust with fraudulent intent, according to investigators.

Berkeley County authorities say a sheriff's lieutenant saw Live 5 News' story on the search for Schlutt and knew where the suspect's parents lived. The lieutenant then sent a patrol deputy to the home where he knocked on the door and saw Schlutt inside the residence.

Tuesday morning, a judge set a $5,000 security bond for Schlutt, meaning he would have to pay $500 to get out of jail. That is the same amount of money he was accused of taking from the victim of a Nov. 16 incident in which he allegedly posed as a bail bondsman and offered to bond Lorraine Jesme's loved one out of the Dorchester County Detention Center.

The judge also told Schlutt he could not leave the state and could not break any laws while out of jail.

After the hearing, Jesme reacted to Schlutt's claim to the judge that he had no money to post bond.

"For him to telling he don't have $500 to bail out, that's a lie," she said. "He's lied, lied, lied. But you know Harve, he's gonna meet a higher judge one day."

Police say Schlutt told Jesme his name was Kirk Shields and that he had an office on Leeds Avenue in North Charleston.

Jesme said she borrowed the $500 in cash from a neighbor, believing her loved one would soon be freed.

But three days later, he was still behind bars. She told police she made several calls to the man she thought was a bondsman and he told her he'd been trying to give her the money back but kept having car or traffic problems.

"He'd been in an accident. It was just everything in the book. He has no intentions of doing anything," Jesme said.

Fortunately for Jesme, the day she was doing business with the suspect, her neighbor grew suspicious of the guy and photographed his license plate.

"When I finally got in touch with the police and gave them the license plate number, they knew exactly who he was," Jesme said.

She learned the man who took her money was not Kirk Shields, but Kirkland Schlutt.

Investigators say the receipt given the Jesme not only had a phony name on it, but also a phony address for Schlutt's bail bonding business.

Police say Schlutt has promised several times to turn himself in, but hasn't. Jesme hopes the accused con artist will change his mind.

"Do the right thing, give me my money back and turn yourself in," she said on Monday before his arrest. "I want my money back and I want him to spend some time in jail. He needs to go to jail."

Jesme's loved one finally got out jail on Nov. 20, four days after police say she paid Schlutt to do it.

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