Tiny House Movement organizers in search of land to break ground

VIDEO: Tiny House Movement organizers in search of land to break ground

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Tiny House movement to create new housing options for homeless community is looking to move forward with construction in Charleston.

Several organizations met Thursday night at the International Longshoreman's Association to work towards building villages, but there's a problem. They don't have the land to build them on yet.

Organizers split-up in groups to discuss design plans and logistics. However, they're still asking The City of Charleston for a space to break ground. The next option would be purchasing property.

"I graduated college sleeping on the bench outside the gate of Trident Technical College," says a spokesperson for the Tiny House Project, Moses Brunson.

Brunson used to be homeless and now he's in the fight to help provide homes for others through the Tiny House Project in Charleston.

"What we need is people to go to our government who are sitting on hundreds of acres of empty land, and saying pry one acre loose and let them try this," says Communications Director for the Tiny House Project, William Hamilton.

Hamilton says he started a group this week to help spearhead this movement. It's called the Progressive Peninsula Political Action Committee.

The village of tiny homes would include communal amenities. The home that's in the process of being built is  estimated to cost about $700.

"These homes could be heated, this house will have electrical services, people can walk to a community building where they have bathroom, showers and place to do their laundry," says Hamilton.

Two weeks ago the City of Charleston put out a plan to move the people from Tent City off the streets in 60 days. It's a place where a homeless community lives in downtown Charleston. The city is looking to create housing solutions and the Tiny House Team wants to be an answer.

Hamilton says putting someone in a tiny house "costs one fifth of what it would cost to keep someone in a structured shelter."

"It's more than just giving people tiny houses, it's about rebuilding their precious life." says Brunson.

This week Mayor John Tecklenburg announced a Homeless to Home Fund that will help people find a place to live.

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