Burke High Girls Basketball on cloud nine after half-court shot beats the buzzer

VIDEO: Burke High Girls Basketball on cloud nine after half-court shot beats the buzzer
Published: Feb. 23, 2016 at 11:06 PM EST|Updated: Feb. 23, 2016 at 11:11 PM EST
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Karimah Jenkins tries to re-create her half-court shot (Source: Live 5)
Karimah Jenkins tries to re-create her half-court shot (Source: Live 5)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Burke High School girls basketball team is still on cloud nine after squeezing out a win Monday night against Estill High School, 46-45.

The Bulldogs were down by two points with six seconds left when Junior Karimah Jenkins, PG, stole a pass, turned, and heaved a shot from half court at the buzzer, making it.

"[It was] crazy!" said Freshman point guard Shadea Kelly.

"A lot of people keep coming up to us asking us how it was a few seconds," added Junior guard Algernique Whitley

They still don't know how it happened, but these ladies had nothing but smiles on Tuesday thinking about that win at the buzzer.

"I'm still shocked," Jenkins said. "I can't believe that I made it, but I guess it just happened."

That shot gave the team its 12th straight win and the motivation to face their next opponent this weekend.

"I looked at the clock, and instead of giving up I took the last shot, just for the effort," Jenkins said. "Didn't want to give up."

"Right before it went in I was like 'it has a chance to go in, it has a chance to go in," said Head Coach Wayne Alston. "And it hit! The kids have been on me all day about me passing out on the floor. I just couldn't move any further. I just laid down, I had to lay down for a second and just breathe."

Now almost 24 hours after that win, the energy still hasn't faded.

By request the girls to tried to re-create that half-court shot.

Jenkins and others tried, but didn't get it there this time.

However, there comes a time when that win needs to be pushed to the back, and focus comes to the forefront.

"It's going to be hard, but it's not impossible," Alston said to the girls Tuesday afternoon. "We're not supposed to be there, nobody expected us to be there. I don't even think you thought you would be there at the beginning of the season, but now we're here."

Burke will take on Timmonsville Saturday in Florence for the Lower State Finals. The team is 23-0 on the season.

The Bulldogs will approach practice like they do every day, working hard, and staying committed.

However this year Coach Alston feels this team brings something different to the court that others haven't.

"In years past I've had more basketball players, but this is the first team, and I've been coaching since I was Sophomore in college, that I've had 'all heart'," Alston said. "They've got pure heart, and they just don't know how to give up."

Through it all, this team sticks together.

It can be heard on the court during warmups, and especially through their rally cheer.

"Work hard," Coach Alston yells. "Never stop!" the girls respond.

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