Shoppers, diners concerned after deadly shooting near mall; 911 released

RAW AUDIO: 911 audio released of fatal shooting near Northwoods Mall

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Shoppers and diners voiced concern Monday after a deadly shooting near Northwoods Mall.

North Charleston police say a 15-year old boy was killed during an apparent drug deal in the parking lot of the Olive Garden restaurant Friday night.

"I was shocked to think that I come to a restaurant once in a while and there was a shooting here," Goose Creek resident Von Mirow said.

On Saturday night there was another scare at the mall.

A report of shots being fired that turned out not to be true.

"I was very shocked. Charleston's just getting a bad rap I really believe that," Moncks Corner resident Martha Mitchell said.

There were two armed robberies at the mall in 2015, both at knifepoint. The last shooting happened in July of 2014.

A 16 and 15 year old were charged with shooting another teen during an armed robbery.

SWAT was called in and the mall had to be evacuated.

And now another shooting this past weekend that left a 15-year-old boy dead.

"Crazy, I don't feel safe here anymore," former Charleston area resident Lisa Bruley said.

"I always like to go to Northwoods Mall and everything, so as a petite woman like myself going out in the area and everything. It's kind of shocking, you usually want to brace yourself and protect yourself at all costs," Charleston resident Stephanie Kelly said.

Northwoods Mall officials released a statement in response to the two weekend incidents.

"The safety of our customers, employees and retail partners is a primary focus of Northwoods Mall. The management team is working with North Charleston Police Department as they investigate these incidents. As this is still under investigation, we direct any specific questions to Spencer Pryor and the NCPD for comment to insure factual reporting. We do not share information about our security and operational procedures so as not to comprise our efforts."

Authorities also released 911 tapes in connection with the fatal shooting where the brother of the 15-year-old can be heard telling emergency crews to respond.

"Man, please someone come to Olive Garden... Olive Garden.. Olive Garden," said the the 15-year-old's brother.

He's heard telling authorities that his brother had just been shot.

A diner who finished eating dinner also called 911 and reported seeing a fight which ended with a shooting.

"Two car loads of people were fighting and then shots were fired," said the the witness."There's a bunch of blood."

According to the witness, the two cars left the area following the shooting.

Another witness called 911, telling emergency dispatch officials that the victim appeared to have been shot in the arm and was still breathing.

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