Cops: N. Charleston bar owner buried body behind business with pool salt

VIDEO: Cops: N. Charleston bar owner buried body behind business with pool salt
Rolando Aldama-Ocampo in bond court. (Source: WCSC)
Rolando Aldama-Ocampo in bond court. (Source: WCSC)
Rolando Aldama-Ocampo (Source: CCDC)
Rolando Aldama-Ocampo (Source: CCDC)
Behind the business. (Source: Live 5 News)
Behind the business. (Source: Live 5 News)
Sign posted at N. Charleston bar. (Source: Live 5 News)
Sign posted at N. Charleston bar. (Source: Live 5 News)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Investigators say a 35-year-old North Charleston bar owner buried a man's body with pool salt behind his business to prevent its discovery.

The new details were released Friday night in an affidavit following a bond hearing for Rolando Aldama-Ocampo who was facing a charge for murder in connection to the death of 22-year-old Jose Rolando Martinez Castro who died from a stab wound to the chest in November of 2015.

Castro's body was found earlier this week behind La Bomba at 5020 Rivers Ave.

"I am an innocent person. I am here because of other people," Aldama-Ocampo said during court.

According to court records, on Dec. 3, 2015, a woman reported to the North Charleston Police Department that Castro was missing.  Then on April 8, Aldama-Ocampo was developed as a suspect in Castro's disappearance.

Court records state that after being advised of his rights, Aldama-Ocampo confessed to being involved in a verbal and physical confrontation with the victim which "resulted in his demise."

Authorities say Aldama-Ocampo further stated that after the victim died he buried the body behind his business and used pool salt in an attempt to mask and prevent the discovery of the body.

According to court records, Aldama-Ocampo subsequently led investigators to the location of the victim's body.

On April 13, the victim's body was recovered from a shallow grave behind the business, which is also Aldama-Ocampo's home and business. Authorities reported that during the recovery of the body, a substance believed to be pool salt was recovered from around the victim's body.

Friday's hearing was Aldama-Ocampo's second bond hearing.

He was also in court on Thursday facing charges of possession of cocaine and trafficking methamphetamine, and was given a $30,000 bond on those charges.

During Thursday's court hearing, Aldama-Ocampo disputed some of the charges, saying that he did not "recognize" some of the charges filed against him.

"There's some other charges that they practically made me say that I did those. But I didn't," Aldama-Ocampo said through an interpreter.

The judge then instructed the interpreter to tell Aldama-Ocampo that he needed to share that with his legal representative. Before he left the hearing, Aldama-Ocampo said,"Please, help me."

Authorities find body

According to police, Castro's body was found buried behind La Bomba at 5020 Rivers Ave. where Aldama-Ocampo works as the bar manager.

Police say the investigation started Tuesday at 9 p.m. when investigators were at the bar following up on a burglary that happened at the business.

NCPD authorities say as they were questioning a potential suspect, the suspect confessed to killing a man who had been reported missing on April 9.

Additionally, police say the suspect told investigators the location of the victim. According to NCPD officials, investigators found the victim buried behind the bar Wednesday morning.

Nearby residents reported that police were spotted working the scene Wednesday afternoon. North Charleston Code Enforcement officials were also at the scene and condemned the building.

"It's just shocking," Latino Association of Charleston president Diana Salazar said on Thursday."The Latino community is very family oriented, very tight knit and when I heard it was in this tragic manner, yeah it was surprising and I'm sure we're all surprised."

Ashley Wilcox who lives nearby said she saw police activity at the bar and was concerned since she has a son.

"I've never really seen anything go down like this and I have a 10-month-old son and it kind of worries me a little bit especially since I heard they found a dead body," Wilcox said.

According to nearby residents, the bar is usually open around the weekends.

Wilcox says she first saw police activity at the business Tuesday morning when she was bringing her son and a neighbor's child to the bus stop.

"We got the kids on the school bus and they were scared to death," Wilcox said."They didn't know what was going on and no one would tell anybody anything."

Wilcox said she's looking to move out of the neighborhood.

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