High school students create Snapchat filter to boost school spirit

High school students create Snapchat filter to boost school spirit
Published: Apr. 25, 2016 at 9:56 PM EDT
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Students at West Ashley high school are finding a creative way to boost school spirit. One class used their skills in Photoshop to create Snapchat geo-filter just for the school's campus.

"I love snap chat, I guess it's just a way that you can talk to your friends throughout school," said Payton Morelli, West Ashley High School student.

Students at West Ashley High School are snapping away with a new feature.

Snapchat is a messenger system that allows users to send temporary photos or videos to friends. 
In the last year, the app rolled out fun filters to put over your photos.

Morelli is involved in the Wildcat Press Team, a class created to focus on social media and public relations projects/
She suggested the class build its own geo-filter as a project.

"I brought it up because I saw other schools had it and that was something that I wanted," said Morelli.

The team's co-teacher Ashley Kennerly says it was a fun challenge for the students.

"We wanted to do something that would make students excited about using technology, in a positive way," said Kennerly.

Snapchat requires submitted graphics be created in Photoshop and be certain dimensions. It's free to submit your own geo-filters. In fact, more and more communities are creating their own that show up when you're in city limits.

The West Ashley High School students wanted to incorporate their school name and Wildcat mascot into a design.

"I just did the paw prints, walking up the side and just the "WAHS" on the bottom - so its pretty simple," said Jade James, one of the filter designers.

The class got approval from school administrators and submitted to Snapchat.

Now, students and school visitors are able to open up their Snapchat, take a video or photo and and pick from two WAHS filters.

"Everyone is going to see them, everyone is going to see the work that I did. So, I was really proud of it," said James.

Kennerly says the lesson is bigger than Snapchat and has boosted her students confidence and creativity.

"It just shows they can be part of something a lot bigger than just this class and just this school," said Kennerly.

West Ashley High School Students are allowed to use their cell phones before and after classes as well as lunch. Kennerly says teachers haven't had any problems with the Snapchat feature causing distraction in the classroom.

The class plans to continue making temporary geo-filters for special events at WAHS.

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