Cops: NCPD gun may have been used in mobile home shooting

Published: Apr. 27, 2016 at 7:37 PM EDT|Updated: Apr. 27, 2016 at 8:58 PM EDT
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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The gun of a high ranking North Charleston police officer that went missing may have been used in a shooting at a mobile home park.

The gun that belongs to police Captain Terrell Palmer was found on a suspect a month after the weapon disappeared.

A police spokesman says Palmer has been disciplined but remains on duty.

Palmer reported the missing weapon to police on Feb. 25.

Police found the .45 caliber Glock on Isaiah Davis who was arrested on March 22 after a foot chase with officers.

According to an incident report, Davis dropped the gun during the chase on Albert Street in North Charleston.

The report states the gun fell out of his waist band while climbing over a fence.

Officers caught Davis at a nearby apartment complex.

Police say the gun was loaded with 13 rounds in the magazine and another in the chamber.

Spokesman Spencer Pryor says it turned out the gun was Palmer's.

Pryor says they're investigating if Palmer's gun was used in a shooting at a trailer park a few hours before it was found on the suspect.

According to an incident report, shots were fired into a mobile home in Dorchester Village mobile home park.

Homeowner Karen Ward says she and her daughter were napping when gunfire erupted.

Ward told officers after the shooting, she saw two men hop over her backyard fence, drop the gun, pick it up and run off.

"They did ask me what the gun looked like. And I told him I said like the one that's in your holster. it wasn't a pistol, it was just like the one that they carry in their holster," Ward said.

At the request of the police department, the Charleston County Sheriff's Office compared shell casings from the police captain's gun with the one's found in the trailer park shooting.

A spokeswoman told me the shell casings looked similar, but that they've sent them to the State Law Enforcement Division for more tests.

Meanwhile North Charleston Police are still trying to figure out how Palmer's gun went missing in the first place.

We asked the North Charleston Police Department what kind of discipline Palmer received for losing his gun.

Spokesman Spencer Pryor said because it is a personnel matter, he cannot release that information.

We also asked Pryor how many other officers have lost their guns along with their disciplinary and work records. He said he would get back to us.

Also, police have not said if they know how the weapon wound up in the hands of the suspect.

We also tried to reach out to Palmer and left a message on what we believe to be is his home phone.

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