Gov. Haley testifies on possible transfer of Gitmo detainees to U.S. Naval brig

VIDEO: Gov. Haley testifies on possible transfer of Gitmo detainees to U.S. Naval brig
Published: Apr. 28, 2016 at 9:50 AM EDT|Updated: Apr. 28, 2016 at 4:12 PM EDT
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HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - Gov. Nikki Haley wrapped up testimony in Washington, DC about  her concerns over the possible transfer of Guantanamo Bay terror suspects  to sites in this country, including the Naval Brig in Hanahan.

The hearing before the U.S. Homeland Security Committee is addressing the potential impact on the Palmetto State's future of moving potentially dozens of Guantanamo detainees to United States.

Haley said one of the concerns is the economic impact of moving detainees  here to South Carolina.

"How am I to tell these companies that they will be sharing an address with the most heinous and dangerous terrorists on earth -- that the city that they chose to call home is now going to be one of the most high-profile, terrorist targets in the world? The truth is --  I can't and I wont," Haley said.
The panel discussion focused on implications for state and local communities if the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prison is closed, according to the Associated Press.

Haley has remained outspoken in her opposition to the transfer of remaining detainees in the brig in Hanahan.
The Navy Consolidated Brig is one of 13 possible sites to house the remaining detainees. Other locations the White House is mulling over are a supermax prison in Colorado and two Army base facilities in Kansas. None of the sites have been publicly endorsed by the White House.
The decision to close the military prison comes as President Barack Obama works to fulfill a campaign promise to close the military prison. The White House says the transfer of 30 to 60 detainees would be far cheaper than continuing to house them at Guantanamo Bay. Opponents to the idea say transferring the possible dozens of detainees to the Lowcountry could turn the area into a target for terror attacks.

Oakland County, Mich. Sheriff Michael Bouchard; Leavenworth County, Kansas, Attorney Todd Thompson; and Center for American Progress Senior Fellow for National Security Ken Gude were scheduled to join Haley for the hearing Thursday morning.

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