Residents told to vacate Flats at Mixson in N. Charleston over structure safety

VIDEO: Residents told to vacate Flats at Mixson in N. Charleston over structure safety
Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Residents at a North Charleston apartment complex say they're being told that they have to leave due to a structural safety issue.

In a letter to residents, Mixson management states that the city is holding a hearing that "will likely result in an order requiring our residents vacate the Flats of Mixson in the near term."

According to to the letter, there is concern the buildings are not safe for long term occupancy due to water intrusion which has caused structural issues.

The letter states the hearing on the complex is expected to take place in the next three weeks.

Officials stated in the letter that a moving allowance will be provided to residents.

"As we previously noted, the City has take the decision out of our hands and has decided that the building must be vacated or legal action will be taken," officials said.

Management say residents have to vacate before May 31 at 6 p.m. and will not be allowed on the premises.

The city released the following statement:

The City's Building Official sent a letter to the Flats at Mixson property owner indicating for them to begin plans to remove residents from the buildings. There is no immediate threat, but plans need to be made so the residents can relocate.

The City's Public Safety and Housing Board will meet on Monday May 23rd to determine the condition of the buildings and what needs to be done to solve the problems.

Residents said they weren't surprised about the structural issues, which they said they were aware of, but were surprised that they were getting kicked out because of it.

"I just expected that they would move us to another building as they worked on the issue," one resident said.

Another resident said she plans to move back home with her family.

Dawn Brand said her daughter and her fiance are being displaced, and learned about it after receiving letters from management.

"They are devastated with a wedding to plan, a job there in Park Circle," Brand said."There's not a lot of rentals in that area."

Sydney Alexandra said she learned about the situation when she received a phone call at work.

"We were informed from the beginning that we would eventually have to move buildings when construction continued," Alexandra said."But never thought we have to move out completely."

She says she's not happy with the latest development.

"We like our area, and it's so up and coming," Alexandra said."It's pretty impossible to find something else affordable here."

Alexandra said she has talked to other residents who were just as shocked to find out that they have to move.

"All we can do is look for a new place and hope to find one in a reasonable time," Alexandra said."The apartment is sending us a letter of availabilities in other communities that they know of but they say that's all they can do."

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