NAACP says teachers, parents being punished by big budget deficit

NAACP says teachers, parents being punished by big budget deficit

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston chapter of the NAACP is accusing the Charleston County School District of using the $18 million budget deficit to punish professional educators and children.

At a press conference Thursday morning outside NAACP headquarters, chapter president Dot Scott said she's concerned the African-American community will be hurt most by the district's financial plan to fix the problem.

As an example, the NAACP cited the possible closure of Lincoln High school, which would force students to ride buses to Wando High in Mt. Pleasant.

"Charleston County's schools were among the last in the nation to be grudgingly desegregated, and those who still have segregated minds have tried for decades and are still trying to resist progress and equity," Scott said in a prepared statement. "This is just the most recent chapter of a sad chronicle of neglect based on race."

The civil rights organization is urging the district to go back to the drawing board and come up with a plan that's fair to schools, teachers, children and parents.

They also said they want whoever is responsible for the deficit to be held accountable. 

A school board committee is scheduled to meet Monday to discuss how the proposed cuts will affect individual schools.

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