'Pelicam' offers rare glimpse into bird sanctuary

'Pelicam' offers rare glimpse into bird sanctuary

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Shorebirds of all sorts are beginning to nest in and around Charleston.

Just offshore of Mount Pleasant there is a small island and bird sanctuary called Crab Bank that is beginning to fill up with nesting pelicans and other shorebirds.

Crab Bank was once a just small sand bar but is now an island thanks to the continued addition of dredge spoils from Shem Creek.
It offers an ideal habitat for a seabird colony.

While plenty of people chose to check out the action by chartering a boat to the beach, you can now peep in on the pelicans and other birds by watching a live stream on their ' Crab Bank Pelicam' here.

The opportunity to see this interaction is a unique experience. Crab Bank is home to one of only five active seabird nesting sites in South Carolina.

These nesting areas are not only rare, but they are also incredibly vulnerable to human disturbances.

The Coastal Conservation League has been working with the SC Department of Natural Resources since the early 2000's to ensure that Crab Bank, along with other key nesting habitats, is closed to boat landings from mid-March through mid-October — only open to the public below the high-tide line during the remainder of the year.

'Pelicam' is brought to the public thanks to a partnership between the Coastal Conservation League, Charleston Harbor Pilots, Mount Pleasant Radio, Stasmayer, Inc., and SCDNR.

Be sure to check in over the next few weeks when the eggs begin to hatch.

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