Lowcountry neighborhoods see damaging effects of Tropical Storm Bonnie

VIDEO: Bonnie causes flooding, some damage after Saturday downpours
Regina Lee's backyard (Source: Regina Lee)
Regina Lee's backyard (Source: Regina Lee)
Backyard of Regina Lee's home Sunday afternoon (Source: Live 5)
Backyard of Regina Lee's home Sunday afternoon (Source: Live 5)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Neighborhoods in North Charleston felt the effects of Tropical Storm Bonnie that blew through the Lowcountry early Sunday morning.

Streets in the Dorchester Manor neighborhood were flooded throughout the morning, soaking the inside of many vehicles.

Homes in the Forrest Hills neighborhood along the Popperdam Creek also saw flooding.

Regina Lee, of North Charleston, said her home flooded Sunday because of the creek that flows behind her home, and it's not the first time.

"I put my foot here and said, ah! The water is coming," Lee said.

Wet carpets, wet floors, and a wet backyard were just a few of the sights you could see walking through Lee's Allwood Avenue home.

A sight similar to the one from October during the historic floods.
"This isn't as bad as the one in October, but it's still a flood and it still comes from the Popperdam Creek," Lee said.

Lee said she and her husband, Kevin, have been watching the creek level and rains since October, trying to be on the defensive.

With Saturday's rainfall, the family thought they would be okay, that was until Sunday morning came.

"We started watching it through the windows and that's when it came up," Lee said. "It creeped up, it creeped up, and then in a matter of minutes it was in the house."

The family tried to prevent the water from coming into the home with towels, but were unsuccessful. Now they're trying to clean up the mess by mopping and using fans.

"I can't continue to go through this," Lee said. "I don't have a second home, or a beach house I can go to in whatever other state or country. I don't have that. This is all I have."

The family has gone through cleanup like this before.

October's flood caused extensive renovations to their home.

Carpets and floors had to be replaced, walls had to be torn down and replaced with new insulation and sheetrock.

"We basically started from scratch," Lee said.

Lee hopes it does not come to that point again.

The family was finally able to move back into the home January 1 after all the renovations were complete.

"It's May, almost May 30th, and I'm back out of my house," Lee said. "I'm homeless again. Well not actually homeless, I just can't stay in my home."

Now she's doing the best she can by herself.

"I can't get the company that I called to come and extract the water until I give them my deductible," Lee said. "Sorry, I don't have that kind of money just laying around."

Lee believes the creek floods with heavy rains because of some sort of blockage further down towards the Ashley River.

While conversations with North Charleston city officials have happened, Lee said nothing has been done to fix the situation.

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