Mixson owners given 180 days to fix damaged apartment complex

Mixson owners given 180 days to fix damaged apartment complex

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - The North Charleston Public Safety and Housing Board voted unanimously to give The Flats at Mixson owners 180 days to get back up to code standards.

Last month, short-term renters living at the complex were told they had to move because of structural safety concerns, including water damage.

Monday, the three-person board began the meeting with a quick recess, to be briefed by their city attorney. Then, quickly passed a motion stating that because the property was suffering from water damage, any remaining renters will be forced to move out.

The motion also gave the owners 180 days to get to code.

We've reached out to the Atlanta investment company that owns the apartment complex, Jamestown.

In a statement to Live 5 News, their representative said:

"The City of North Charleston has issued an order requiring all residents to vacate the Flats at Mixson within a reasonable period of time. It is important to reiterate that the structural concerns are long-term and do not pose an immediate threat to residents as they move out. We are committed to ensuring a safe and orderly move out and will continue to support our residents."

Right now, around 16 families still live at the Mixson, in long term rentals. No word yet on when they will have to be out.

Before coming to this decision, the board members went out to Durant Avenue themselves, to see the property. Sol Morse, board chairman, says there was visible water damage.
When asked if Jamestown will be able to complete repairs in 180, Morse says he didn't know, but believed if they've made progress by then the city will work with them.

The complex is only three years old, with 268 units. At the last board meeting, a representative for Jamestown told the board that the project was already costing them too much money and they wanted to tear it down.

However, a representative for the  local contractor was adamant that it could be salvaged with repairs.


Housing and Safety Board to decide the future of the Flats at Mixson

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