Law enforcement joins with Myra Singleton Thompson's family to discuss gun control and community relations

VIDEO: Law enforcement joins with Myra Singleton Thompson's family to discuss gun control and community relations

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - On Monday, the family of one of the Emanuel 9, Myra Singleton Thompson, joined with law enforcement for a discussion on gun control and building positive relationships between youth and law enforcement.

The community forum was held at the main branch of the Charleston County Public Library in downtown Charleston.

An organization that started as a result of the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church, Passion to Forgive, was a partner in providing the law enforcement panel.

Kevin Singleton is the son of Thompson.

"We are doing things to help the healing process," Singleton said.  "That's how we're handling it and that's how all the families are handling it, we are staying involved with the community."

His family started Passion to Forgive to give back to the community as his mother once did.

"I'm just trying to pick up and follow in her path which is a hard path to follow, but I'm doing the best that I can," Singleton said.

Kevin says when it comes to gun control it's a sensitive topic. The FBI admitted an error in the background check system for gun purchases that allowed the accused shooter at Mother Emanuel to buy a gun.

On Monday, amendments on gun control all failed to make it past the U.S. Senate Floor. Among the measures that failed were expanded background checks.

"I would like to see the loopholes in the state of South Carolina become a little bit better and people do things to not let the same thing happen again so this type of tragedy won't happen to anyone's community," Singleton said.

Tremayne Henry is Thompson's nephew. He supports a longer waiting period in the background check process. Right now it's three days.

"She was supposed to be at my graduation this year for college, but of course you know my Uncle Anthony, her husband, and the rest of her children came out," Henry said.

The community expressed anger and sadness as they look for answers to gun control in hopes of preventing future losses. Singleton says they'll continue to bring the community together even when the issues get tough.

"We're just trying to be positive and do positive things in the community for Charleston and the United States," Singleton said.

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