Quick moving storms bring damage to Lowcountry

VIDEO: Quick moving storms bring damage to the Lowcountry
Uprooted trees were a result of the winds.
Uprooted trees were a result of the winds.

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Storm clean up is underway in parts of the Lowcountry after a strong storm brought severe damage in the West Ashley area Saturday afternoon.

The heavy winds and lightning caused major damage to homes and cars. There were also reports of hail and winds up to 55 miles per hour.

Viewers have reported trees uprooted, snapped in half, along with damage to vehicles and homes.

Residents of Springs at Essex Farms said it was a quick storm that came through. That storm downed a tree that blocked the way for people to enter one side of the apartment complex.

Roger Early was visiting his son Friday morning. His car, a 1970 Chevelle Malibu was parked in the complex when the storm hit.

"This was a very violent storm, I've not seen anything like this so concentrated in such a small area since the likes of Hugo," Early said.

Early and his son are car enthusiasts and a few hours after he parked his car, what he calls a project of love and labor, ended up with a smashed hood when a tree fell on it.

"We were going to go to Cars and Coffee and it was so hot we decided to leave my car and just ride in his," Early said.

He says before he left with his son they discussed that it was safe to leave the car parked there and when they came back they were caught by surprise. Multiple other cars were damaged too. Trees fell on cars totaling some and breaking the windows in others.

Richard and Stefani Scherl said they were notified by their neighbors a tree had fallen on top of their car.

"We heard a loud crash of thunder, storm brewed up really quickly, next thing we know we hear hale, strong winds circulating, the floors were shaking, the floors were getting bad," Richard and Stefani said.

A tree service company was working to clear neighborhood roads by Saturday night so people could safely travel through.

"Our neighbors came together and really helped us at least and we helped move around the trees and clean up a little bit," Stefani said.

Though the storm was short, it left its mark.

"I was kind of scared because, my stepdad was outside screaming," says 9-year-old Chloe Miller.

Her stepdad captured video of the storm, his and her mother's cars were hit by trees.

"A lot of cars were destroyed, but I guess everyone is okay, hopefully," Chloe said.

Though many have experienced setbacks, Roger says this is not the end for his Chevelle Malibu.

"With some pretty substantial cosmetic repairs I think i can save it," he said "I am thankful to God that nobody was hurt and it could have been a whole lot worse than it was, so I feel blessed."

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