Suspects identified in Brittanee Drexel disappearance

Live 5 News investigates: Suspects identified in Brittanee Drexel disappearance
Published: Jul. 13, 2016 at 7:13 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 14, 2016 at 1:40 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WCSC) - A suspect or suspects have been identified in the disappearance and murder of Brittanee Drexel.

Brad Conway, an attorney for the Drexel family said he's been told a suspect or suspects have been named in the case, but he declined to release any details.

Drexel vanished from Myrtle Beach in April, 2009 during Spring break.

Just a few weeks ago, the FBI announced they believe Drexel is dead.

Authorities say the 17-year old supposedly was heading back to the motel where she was staying, but never made it there.

Myrtle Beach Police are looking into the possibility Drexel was the victim of human trafficking.

"We'll look into it. Yes sir, we'll keep all of our options open," police spokesman Lt. Joey Crosby said.

According to police, the last person to see Drexel before she disappeared was another friend of hers from Rochester, Peter Brozowitz.

Cops say Brozowitz and four of his friends stayed at the Bluewater Hotel on Ocean Boulevard. The four friends told police that they met Brittanee briefly at a nightclub, but didn't know her.

Police say the next day Drexel met all five on the beach near the Bluewater. She then came back to their room that night for about ten minutes.

Police say the teen then left to go back to her motel to return some clothing to a friend.

That's the last time anyone saw her.

Police interviewed Brozowitz and his friends after Brittanee went missing. Crosby said at this point, none of the friends are suspects.

As part of our investigation we wanted to talk to Brozowitz.

We found his profile on Facebook and a phone number. When we called Brozowitz  he said he wasn't interested in speaking about the case.

The FBI says they have evidence Drexel was held against her will in three places, Georgetown, McClellanville and North Charleston.

It was in McClellanville where investigators say her cell phone pinged on a cell tower.

"Forensic evidence from text messages, from cellphones, all kinds of information that we've evaluated," Crosby said. "The information that we have, that we've obtained through the course of this investigation, we do feel like she is deceased."

Crosby said investigators need one key piece of information to make an arrest.

It's something police don't want to talk about yet.

"If I release that one piece of information that could be that only we and the suspect know, that's a vital piece of information that could be utilized in court for a conviction and to release that at this point could be detrimental to this entire investigation," Crosby said.

Anyone with information on the Drexel case should call (800) Call-FBI.

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