Mount Pleasant Housing Task Force Committee to recommend new proposal for affordable housing

VIDEO: Mount Pleasant Housing Task Force Committee to recommend new proposal for affordable housing

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - The Mount Pleasant Housing Task Force Committee is exploring options to bring affordable housing to the area.

On Monday the committee came forward with recommendations for town council to help make that happen.

Affordable housing is in high demand. Thomasena Stokes-Marshall is the chair of the committee.

"Definitely there's a lack of it in the town of Mt Pleasant," Stokes-Marshall said.

The committee is in charge of developing strategies to bring housing with lower prices.

"We don't want to stack all affordable housing in just any one or two specifics area, we are looking for to bring about diversification throughout the town in all communities," she said.

The committee will be making a recommendations to town council, one is for them to consider a community land trust. It's when a nonprofit comes in to a town and develops and helps oversee affordable housing.

Jason Webb is the community and capacity building specialist at Grounded Solutions Network. It offers community land trusts.

"We have a huge affordable housing crisis we also have shrinking resources from our federal government to deal with this crisis," Webb said

Grounded Solutions Network has more than 200 land trust communities in the nation, it offers buying and renting. It primarily takes money granted to cities through federal programs to make the homes affordable.

"One of the things we bring to the table is a model that will make sure that these precious resources are actually not good for one generations but for multiple generations," Webb said.

"It's a wonderful option because one of the things, the overall concept of community land trust, it appears that it is designed once it's put in place, that particular area that the homes or the businesses or whatever is within that community will always be affordable."

The committee will also recommend Accessory Dwelling Units as a solution to providing affordable housing. These are are additional living units that can be built on the same grounds as a single family homes. Sometimes they are built next to the home and in some places they are built above the garage.

It is not clear at this time what guidelines these units would follow.

The committee is still in the planning stages so they will continue to come up with more recommendations during future meetings.

A location has not been determined as to where the affordable housing could go, but they are looking into those options as well.

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