Locals celebrate National Lighthouse Day

VIDEO: Locals celebrate National Lighthouse Day

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Sunday is National Lighthouse Day.

It brings recognition to the important role lighthouses play when it comes to warning or guiding people at sea.

South Carolina has a total of 11 in our state and two are area, the Sullivan's Island and Morris Island Lighthouses.

Walter Runck is a Flotilla Commander with the East Cooper Flotilla of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He's a volunteer who helps save people on the water.

"We still use them, two weeks ago I was 16 miles off shore and you can see this light all the way out there," Runck said. "That's just how you know your way home."

They're teaching water safety at the Sullivan's Island Lighthouse for National Lighthouse Day.

"The lights are used to help guide people away from dangerous water, away from the shallow spots in the harbor spots in the water and into the deeper areas where it's safe to travel," he said.

Dawn Davis is Park Ranger at Fort Sumter.

"The Sullivan's Island Lighthouse... is the last major lighthouse build for the United States in 1962 so that alone makes it special it also has a unique design," Davis said.

The lighthouse is three-sided while most of them are round, and it still operates.

Today children could make their own wooden boats inside the Coast Guard boat house.

The other lighthouse near our area is on Morris Island near Folly Beach. Kate Kiel is a board member of Save The Light a non-profit to help save and preserve the Morris Island Light House.

"It's a historical icon, much like old Charleston houses downtown, there's a lot of history in  this town, she's part of it," Kiel said. "Although it's not lit, it's still an icon and is used as a landmark for safety into our harbor. I'm a big light house fan, I love this lighthouse and all that it represents."

From protecting the coasts to guiding sailors, August 7th is the day where lighthouse love is spread around the nation.

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