Mt. Pleasant police drone taking crime fighting to new heights

VIDEO: Mt. Pleasant police drone takes crime fighting to new heights

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Mt. Pleasant police said their brand new drone will take police work and public safety to new heights.

The department plans to use the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or drone in special law enforcement operations. Mt. Pleasant police said officers will fly the drone to help with missing person cases, disaster response as well as use the device for an aerial angle on serious traffic accidents and special events. Mt. Pleasant police said the bird's eye view will give officers access to more area than simply having police on the ground.

"Anything from missing children, very serious collisions where we need aerial footage of it," Inspector Chip Googe of Mt. Pleasant police, said. "Maybe our Christmas parade, children's festival, Blessing of the Fleet, anything where we're going to have crowds we need to keep a good security eye for and keep them safe while they're attending these events. That's probably where you're going to see it most."
Police said the extra perspective not only keeps locals safe, it adds an extra buffer for officers.

"To be able to put surveillance on somebody that may be armed, to not have to put a life in danger," Officer David Benjamin said, "where we can put this in the air and watch him and see what he's doing."
SkyView Aerial Solutions donated training time to help officers get up to speed with their new technology.

 "It's going to be the future," Googe said. "It's so much cheaper than buying a helicopter or even renting one." might as well be at the forefront of it and provide extra security for the citizens we serve."

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