Goose Creek neighborhood continues plea for sidewalks, pedestrian hit is in critical condition

VIDEO: Goose Creek neighborhood continues plea for sidewalks, pedestrian hit is in critical condition

GOOSE CREEK, SC (WCSC) - A neighborhood in Goose Creek is pleading for sidewalks after a man was hit while walking at night. He's now in critical condition.

This road is also where elementary school students walk home alone from school in the Boulder Bluff community.

Neighbors say was a rainy night when the pedestrian, Carlos Iglesias, was hit.

Estafania Flores is Iglesias' cousin.

"What should we tell his kids, his child's birthday was coming up soon he has a lot of things planned at this point he's non responsive, his mother needs peace his mother needs help," Flores said.

She says sidewalks would have made a difference.

"This is not the first time something tragic like this has happened before,' Flores said. "If the demands of the neighbors had been listened to before, this could have been an incident avoided."

Jennifer Ash lives in the neighborhood. She came out the night of the incident to help Iglesias along with another neighbor after he was hit. She says the quick action of another neighbor saved his life.

"It's a matter of time before something like this happens and when it happened I just decided to be the voice for the community," Ash said.

The incident happened across the streets from Ash's home.

"The ditch was full of water and [the neighbor] is saying that I need help holding his head straight because he just got hit by a car he's laying face down, he was blue," Ash said.

After the incident, Ash started a petition demanding sidewalks. Neighbors say they've been in that fight for many years and it's time to bring it back.

When school lets out at Boulder Bluff Elementary right up the road, kids ride their bikes and walk home next to fast traffic. Children say sidewalks and cross walks would make them feel safer when they walk home.

"Right now I have called, everybody from Columbia all the way to the county I have no idea where to start," Ash said.

She's hoping the neighborhood will rally together in hopes of getting sidewalks put in. Amy Road is state owned, so the state would fund it.

"I do want justice for my cousin so my family can be a little more at peace with his condition in ICU," Flores said.

Flores says her family is thankful for the neighbors that helped her cousin before the paramedics arrived.

Goose Creek police are not charging the driver involved in the accident.

The Mayor of Goose Creek, Michael J. Heitzler says he tried to get sidewalks in from the state about fifteen to twenty years ago. He say there were a few issues including a lack of state funding and there is nowhere for the sidewalks to go because ditches align the narrow streets. Heitzler also says the land next to the street is owned by the homeowners. He is willing to meet with Boulder Bluff community.

There is a Facebook community page called Sidewalks for Boulder Bluff. There is also a GoFundMe set up for Carlos Iglesias.

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