Family takes legal action after fight at Stall High

Family takes legal action after fight at Stall High

A Charleston County School District parent is seeking legal action after her daughter was involved in a fight at R B Stall High School.

The fight happened on Sept. 23, but it's not the actions taken by students that had them getting a lawyer they said it was the actions taken by a teacher that had them seeking legal advice.

In a statement form the family's attorney it says "The Curry Law Firm has been retained by the family of the student who was brutally attacked by a Charleston County School District employee" Marvin Pendarvis with the Curry Law Firm said.

Charleston County School District told Live 5 News “The district is aware of the altercation between two students that occurred last Thursday at Stall High School and is investigating the matter,” Andy Pruitt said in a statement.

Pendarvis also said in a statement “The Curry Law firm is aware of the recording of the Districts employee and would state that it shows the overly harsh and unwarranted acts of the Districts’ employee.”  The law firm also said “our client entered as a student, and left needing a neck brace”.

Pruitt also said that multiple staff members were involved in breaking up the fight and that School and district leaders have implemented disciplinary measures consistent with district policy.

The fight was caught on cell phone video and the girl's mother said she ambushed from the back.

The Curry Law firm also said they had reached out to the district after the incident and had not received a response and the firm has not been apprised of an investigation regarding the actions of the District's employee or any action taken as a result.