Folly Beach after Hurricane Matthew: Loss of power and beach erosion a concern

Folly Beach after Hurricane Matthew: Loss of power and beach erosion a concern

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Crews are still working in Folly Beach to restore power to all of its residents, while some were able to regain access on Tuesday evening.

City of Folly Beach officials have put a curfew in place from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. until full power is restored.

Many people in the area say they were lucky things weren't worse on Folly when the returned.

The hub of Folly Beach, Center Street, made it through Hurricane Matthew. Business owners say things were mostly how they left them. Center Street got power back first while earlier on Tuesday some residents were waiting for their own power to return.

Barry and Jae Price are residents of Folly Beach.

"We expected a lot worse but all in all, inconvenienced by power being out," Barry said. "The main thing we were concerned about were family and friends."

Barry and Jae are newlyweds. They've been marred just more than a week. Their honeymoon is now put on pause by a Hurricane Watch at their destination in the Caribbean.

"It's okay, everyday is a honeymoon with my wife so it suits me fine, we will go in a week or two when hurricane season is over," Barry said.

On East Ashley Avenue and around the are families were cleaning up debris, replacing shingles and shoveling sand, a sign of significant beach erosion.

"We lost about four to six feet of sand in depth on the beach so usually we have some more beach at high tide, now we have none," Barry said.

City of Folly Beach Officials are warning residents of contractor scams. Residents are required to obtain a permit from the city before any repair work is done on their property, that way the city can have a record of damage and it make sure the contractor is properly licensed.

City officials are also warning residents to stay away from downed power lines. They could be active and cause electrocution, sparks or a fire.

A crew from Alabama was on Folly Beach helping to restore power. They say they've been working up to 18-hour days to help restore power in Lowcountry. It's just one example of the team effort that goes into getting things back the way there were before Hurricane Matthew.

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