Non-profit empowering kids with cancer searching for stolen trailer with up to $20,000 of equipment

VIDEO: Non-profit empowering kids with cancer searching for stolen trailer with up to $20,000 of equipment

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Camp Happy Days, a non-profit empowering kids with cancer is searching for a stolen trailer that had $15,000 to $20,000 worth of their supplies in it. The trailer was stolen from the Camp Happy Days office in Charleston on Thursday.

Camp Happy Days camps and activities are put on for children who have cancer and they are cost-free to families. The non-profit raises all of its money to provide free programs, so they are hoping someone will come forward with information about this missing trailer.

Cindy Hay Johnson is the executive director for Camp Happy Days.

"It's just mind boggling that someone take that kind of trailer with all of that equipment that we need for camp," Johnson said.

She says the trailer was out of sight.

"It was locked up tight, they cut through our gate they cut through the trailer," she said.

The trailer was loaned to them to store some of the team building items used for camps and activities for kids with cancer from age four to 18 years old.

"Those team building exercises are critical for children going through a situation like they go through with cancer. They don't have time to be kids, they don't get a chance to be independent they lack confidence they battle anxiety and depression."

In a Camp Happy Days Facebook post it says a large generator, several tables, 2 stereo speakers, 1 amplifier, stands and 12 knocker balls were in the trailer. Knocker balls are protective and safe inflatable balls with inner handles and shoulder straps that kids can play in.

"Everybody was just devastated these are just some of the chore elements we have at camp," Johnson said. "When they are lost like this it's huge for an organization like us."

They've posted about the missing trailer on social media with hopes that someone will see it and it's returned. The trailer is white and says "Tool Pine" on the back.

"When we filled out the police report they didn't feel like there was big chance we'd get that back, but we've heard of other people doing that and getting their items back," Johnson said. "We just ask that if anyone sees a while 24-foot trailer with a bunch of fun kids things, please contact us at Camp Happy Days."

The group's next fundraiser is the Heroes of Hope Gala on November 4.

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