Airport, law enforcement preparing for busy travel week

Airport, law enforcement preparing for busy travel week

It is one of the busiest times of the year, traveling for Thanksgiving. According to AAA, more than 48-million Americans are expected to travel at least 50-miles for the holiday this year. That is up almost 2% from 2015.

Just like you take the time to prepare your Thanksgiving feast, Paul Campbell advises you to take the time to prepare your travel plans. Campbell is the CEO and executive director of the Charleston County Aviation Authority. He said all modes of transportation will see congestion.

"Travel is going to be busy on the highway and at the airport," Campbell said.

Of the millions traveling from home this holiday week, approximately 45-million will be taking a road trip. Drivers are asked to make sure their vehicles are properly maintained and expected ahead of time.

"We're asking drivers to prepare before they leave the house," SCHP lance corporal Matt Southern said. "Make sure the tire pressure is good, check those wipers, check your fluids."

Also, map our your travel plans in advance. Do not assume your trip will be smooth sailing because heavy traffic is expected. Southern said you can, however, expect to pack patience.

"We need to know the routes that we're going to take to get to grandma's house or whatever family member that we're going to visit. What happens if that route is closed off? We need to know an alternate route," Southern said. "We want to be thankful that you got to your destination in a safe manner."

For those taking flights, the day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year. This is according to the Travel Channel. You should give yourself plenty of time to head to the airport.

"Parking can be a little bit of a challenge at this time. If you can print your boarding pass before you get here, you might save yourself a little time but if not, prepare for longer lines at the ticket area," Campbell said. "TSA will really backup. It will back-up completely on Tuesday and Thursday and maybe even start Monday night, tonight."

"Folks do like the travel by air to get to grandma's house sometimes," Southern said.

While packing, you should check TSA rules and regulations to make sure you don't have any unexpected stops through security checkpoints.

"If you got something that you think is questionable, just leave it home," Campbell said. "Just relax, have fun and give thanks for all that we have."

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