Residents in West Ashley neighborhood urged to be on alert after home break ins

VIDEO: Residents in West Ashley neighborhood urged to be on alert after home break ins
Updated: Jan. 4, 2017 at 3:46 PM EST
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WEST ASHLEY SC (WCSC) - Charleston Police are asking residents of a West Ashley neighborhood to be on alert after a series of break ins.

Investigators say at least nine homes have been targeted in the Stono Park subdivision.

Police say the first break in happened on December 15 and the latest two happened on Tuesday.

Most of them happened during the day.

Homeowner Charlie Wilkins says she's doing whatever it takes to protect her home.

"Both of us have concealed weapons permits and if they want to come into my house, I'll be more than happy to welcome them," Wilkins said.

Susan Lloyd has lived in the neighborhood for a little more than two years.

"We love this area, we love our neighbors. We've never had any issue, so this is a little alarming. This is not something we expected to have to deal with over here," Lloyd said.

Many of the homes that have been hit are located near the West Ashley Greenway.

Investigators say the Greenway gives the thieves easy access to the homes and a quick getaway.

Meanwhile police have stepped up their patrols in Stono Park.

Officers are driving up and down streets looking for anything suspicious.

Police say there are several reasons they have not been able to make arrests.

"Just the time of day, and a lot of people are at work and there's not a lot of description of things going on and people to provide us with additional information," Charleston Police Lt. Jason Bruder said.

Folks who live here are concerned if the crooks don't get caught soon, someone will get hurt.

"My fear really is these people are gonna walk into the wrong home and get shot," Lloyd said.

Anyone with information on the break ins should call Charleston Police.

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