TAKE A STAND: Roof Sentence

TAKE A STAND: Roof Sentence
Nine parishioners of Mother Emanuel AME Church were killed after a Bible study on June 17, 2015.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Two hours and 50 minutes. That's all it took for a federal jury to decide that Dylann Roof will be put to death.

Some say that's not much time for such a serious decision.

But think about it. That's so much more time than Roof gave nine innocent people, when in just a matter of minutes, he violently took their innocent lives inside Mother Emanuel AME Church.

Not once did he express regret or remorse. He told the jury, "I had to do it and would do it again."

Roof said he had no choice. Really? He even wore shoes during the trial with hand-written racist symbols. Now that the death penalty has been handed down, some say why spend the money and why put the victims' families though another trial at the state level.

Here's why: Because of the uncertainty of the U.S. Supreme Court and the history of the government to set aside death sentences, there's no guarantee the jury's sentence will be carried out.

That's not to say we wish anyone's death.

While it may be considered justice, his death won't bring back a single victim. But if ever there was justification for this sentence, Dylann Roof is the poster child.

Dylann Roof is the face of evil.

While we'll never forget, hopefully, we'll soon stop saying his name and forever cherish the memories of the Emanuel 9.

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