Lowcountry republicans celebrate Trump inauguration

Lowcountry republicans celebrate Trump inauguration

(WCSC) - Lowcountry Republicans celebrating the 45th president Donald Trump's inauguration Friday, including in West Ashley. They held a viewing party for today's inauguration ceremony.

It was standing room only at Parson Jack's Café, as dozens packed in for lunch and to watch the inauguration. Many may have been taking a quick break from work, but red white and blue attire still dominated the restaurant. People sported Trump and USA hats, while some others even wore costumes.

"His message is positive, I believe him, I believe he's passionate and I believe he has a lot of passionate Americans behind him, a lot of us. I think we'll all do it together," West Ashley resident Andrea Futeral said.

Another watch party viewer was Anthony Andales. He immigrated from the Philippines to the United States for work. He lived here on a work visa.

"Before it expired, I transitioned to a green card. Then, five years later, I was sworn in to become a U.S. citizen," Andales said.

In November, Andales voted in his first presidential election.

"I just became a U.S. citizen a year ago," Andales said. "If we want to help our country, let's go vote."

Seeing the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump made his vote clear.

"I fell in love with Donald Trump," Andales said. "He touches topics that nobody ever wants to talk about."

Trump's stance on immigration is the reason many are against him. For Andales, after his personal journey to becoming a United States citizen, it is the main reason he supports him.

"I went through the whole nine yards. It's not just Filipinos, it's all over the world I think in my heart, wants to go here and become a part of the greatest nation in the world," Andales said.

Others at the Republican watch party agree.

"There's been a resurgence of American traditional values and those values are the thing that have led us throughout our history and those are the things that are going to bring us to a better tomorrow," Mount Pleasant resident Irvin Evans said.

"I want Trump to bring America together again," Futeral said.