Cops: Citadel Mall theater manager caught peeping at woman in restroom

Cops: Citadel Mall theater manager caught peeping at woman in restroom
Source: Live 5 News
Source: Live 5 News

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say the manager of the Citadel Mall theater is behind bars after he was caught using the theater's restroom to peep on a woman.

Charleston police charged 33-year-old Danny Decker with eavesdropping/peeping.

Decker's arrest stems from a Saturday night incident at the Citadel IMAX Stadium 16 theater when an officer at the lobby was approached by a 65-year-old woman.

The woman said while she was in the restroom she noticed that the ceiling panel above her head was slightly open and saw someone's eyes looking at her.

The woman told the officer she then yelled at the person who was looking through the opening.

When the officer went to investigate, he saw the tile over the cubicle was slightly lifted, and checked to see if anyone was hiding above the restroom.

Authorities discovered that above the ceiling tile, a large hole had been cut in the wall and there was a step ladder directly below the hole on the other side of the wall which led to an area under some seating bleachers.

Officers also found a set of keys clamped nearby on a support rod.

The officer then contacted Decker, who is the general manager of the theater, to tell him what was going on.

Decker and two assistant mangers said the set of keys must belong to a manager at the theater since the key contained deposit and janitorial keys.

The officer then told Decker to contact all the managers who were on duty and have them show their keys.

CPD officials say as soon as the officer was alone in the office with Decker, Decker "spontaneously" admitted to being the one peeking at the victim through the hole in the bathroom.

Decker told the officer that he had panicked and accidentally left the keys under the bleacher area when the victim noticed him peeking at her.

The report states that he also admitted to using a hole in a garbage can alcove to go under the bleachers for the purpose of peeping.

While the officer was waiting for other units to arrive, police say Decker spontaneously said he "knew it was a stupid thing to do" and he "did not know why he did it because he had a girlfriend and gained no pleasure for it."

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