Sullivan's Island police chief resigns

Sullivan's Island police chief resigns

SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Sullivan's Island is searching for a new police chief following the resignation of Chief Daniel Howard.

Mayor Pat O'Neil confirmed Howard's resignation via phone Thursday and said the town has started its search efforts, working with a senior officer to evaluate the department's priorities in the meantime.

According to Town Administrator Andy Benke, Howard resigned effective March 1, 2017 as Chief of Police, and the department chain of command is "intact" as Lt. Chris Griffin directs daily operations.

Benke said he'll also assist with administrative and procedural matters.

"There will be no issue providing protection and service to the Island," Benke said in an email. "The Town is very grateful for his service during the past 32 years."

According to Benke, Howard started with the Island's police department in June 1983 and worked for the SC Highway Patrol between 1985 and 1987 before returning to the town in 1987.

Howard became Chief in 1997, Benke said. He retired in 2004 and then, shortly thereafter returned to the department as a working retiree.

The town currently has 11 officers on staff, according to the town website.

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