Charleston City Market back open for business on Friday nights

Charleston City Market back open for business on Friday nights

The Charleston City Market downtown is open for business once again on Friday nights.

Featuring live music a fun shopping experience and a way of life for the vendors who call the market their seasonal home.   

It’s a family business my mom taught me I’ve known how to do this almost 40 years now my daughters do it and hopefully I get my grand kids involved as soon as their old enough,” Tonya Aiken said.

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - "It's a family around here we all know each other and we look forward to seeing each other on weekends and been texting each other all week and counting down the days and big hugs when we all got here tonight," said one Lowcountry vendor who was selling handmade decorations.

For many vendors, they agree the foot traffic the Night Market sees is enough to sustain their businesses.

"I mean there are days you come and don't' make a whole lot but there are days when you come out here and make a car payment but the big thing is when you're local we're not paying some corporation. You're helping pay baseball fees for our kids and putting a 20-year-old through college," one Charleston based vendor said.

Nearly 94 percent of night market vendors and 72 percent of day vendors create products made with either natural, reclaimed or recycled material, officials say.

the Night Market will open every Friday and Saturday night from March to December. 

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