Sleeping family escapes barrage of bullets fired into home

Sleeping family escapes barrage of bullets fired into home

SMOAKS, SC (WCSC) - A Colleton County family escaped a barrage of bullets that were fired into their home Monday morning.

The Colleton County Sheriff's office says the shooting happened at a mobile home on Tingman Lane in the Smoaks community.

The homeowner, his girlfriend and their one-year-old son were asleep when the shooting started around 2 a.m.

He asked us to hide his identity.

"At first it started out like loud, loud firecrackers, but as it kept going I could tell it was like heavy guns," he said. "My girlfriend thought it was next door and I said no that's too close. I knew it was our house."

He says the shooting lasted about five minutes.

"All I could do is when I heard the shots was like grab my old lady, my son and cover up," he said. "When I seen the bullet holes in my house and the residue, the dust flying in my living room, it was unbelievable."

There were about 25 bullet holes found, in both the front and back of the house.

The homeowner's car also was hit. Even the mobile home behind his was hit.

He believes his family survived because their bedroom has no windows.

"I'm sure that saved us because once you see the bullet holes they went after every window," he said. "We could have been taken out, wouldn't know what hit us, it's scary."

At the same time, he's thankful he and his loved ones are alive.

"I know God was looking out for us. That's why we pray every day and try to go to church. Belief and faith is all we have in this world," he said.

Investigators are trying to determine why the family was targeted.

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