Overcrowded animal shelter seeking public's help

Overcrowded animal shelter seeking public's help

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A local animal shelter has more cats and dogs than they're equipped to handle and they need your help!

The Francis R. Willis SPCA in Summerville is the only public admitted shelter in Dorchester County and currently has nearly double the amount of dogs and cats it's capable of holding.

The shelter only has 78 dog runs – but right now they have way more animals than places to put them.

"We now hold about 100 cats and close to over 120 dogs right now – which is way more than we were built to ever hold," Kelly Harrold, the shelter's Marketing and Development Manager, said.

Harrold has been with the animal shelter for several months and says the increase is because of several factors.

"We have puppy and kitten season happening right now – so it's warm outside babies are starting to happen. We also take in any owner-surrenders, any strays off the road, we have the county contract with animal control – so they have access to our building 24/7," Harrold added.

And because they are moving in the "no kill" direction – before long they realized they had way too many animals than their facility could hold.

A reason they put out an SOS.

Officials say they expect the number to keep going up.

In trying to alleviate the number – they've reached out to 20 other rescues and shelters to see if they can take some of the animals.

But they also need your help. If you'd like to adopt, volunteer or learn more about the shelter you can go here: https://franceswillis.org/

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