Community speaks out after motorcyclist killed during chase

Community speaks out after motorcyclist killed during chase

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - People are speaking out about the death of a motorcyclist during a chase with a Berkeley County Sheriff's deputy.

Authorities released dash cam footage of the chase that showed a deputy's cruiser bumping the motorcycle driven by Robert Lee Clark Jr.

The sheriff says Clark braked suddenly, causing the wreck.

The fatal accident happened in Summerville where people are leaving crosses at the scene to pay tribute to Clark and saying the death was unwarranted.

"We viewed this video hundreds of times and it's hard to do that," Dan Anessi said. "It's hard to watch someone die that many times. What we saw is murder plain and simple."

The video shows the high-speed chase reached speeds of 111 miles an hour.

"He gets to a point during his chase where he's so close to Robert there is no room for error," Anessi said.

The video shows the deputy's car bumping the motorcycle, then shows the motorcyclist losing control and crashing.

"You can be that close to someone at those kinds of speeds and not expect something to happen,"  Anessi said.

And now motorcyclists say something needs to be done.

"I've been riding motorcycles for 35 years to watch someone die like that is incredibly disturbing to see it done by law enforcement," Anessi said. "People that take an oath to protect us and saw they're going to the right thing. I can't tell you how disturbing that is."

They don't condone what the motorcycle driver did but they say it shouldn't have ended in this way.

"I'm not defending Robert's choice, everyone agrees it was stupid, it was foolish," Anessi said. "This officer didn't give him the benefit of a trial."

He says he wishes it would have been handled differently, suggesting the deputy could have recorded the tag number and come after him at a safer time.

"You don't pursue motorcycles at these kinds of speeds," Anessi said. "Eighty miles an hour, just disengage. He made the situation worse.

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