Lowcountry native Darius Rucker visits Live 5

Updated: May. 12, 2017 at 8:40 PM EDT
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Darius Rucker before, and after the application of make-up, prosthetics, and a wig. (Source: CBS)
Darius Rucker before, and after the application of make-up, prosthetics, and a wig. (Source: CBS)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Grammy Award winning country music star Darius Rucker can add the position of "reality television" star to his long resume.  The Charleston native starred in a celebrity-edition of the CBS show Undercover Boss on Friday night.

"I love helping people and giving back. that's always been something that's been a part of who I am," Rucker said during an exclusive interview at our Live 5 studios.

For the show, Rucker went "undercover" to discover musical talent.  To disguise him, make-up artists applied three hours' worth of make-up and prosthetics each day during filming.  Rucker also attempted to stifle his distinctive laugh, and change his voice.

"I just got real Charleston though; I got real southern," Rucker said of his adopted style of speaking.

Despite one slip-up in which he accidentally said his true name, nobody realized who was underneath the disguise.  But Rucker said he would never prefer anonymity.

"I never wish for that," he said.  "All I ever wanted to do with my life since I was four years old was sing for people and I know that if you're successful at that, you have to live a life where you don't have a lot of privacy, so I'm okay with that."

Rucker was born in Charleston and still lives in the lowcountry with his family.  He says the city affords him a degree of privacy.

"That's one of the main reasons I live here; nobody bothers me here," he said.  "I know if somebody comes up to me or something, it's a tourist or maybe somebody who just hadn't seen me before.  I go to Walmart, Target, the supermarket every day.  People are cool."

Rucker says when he is not touring out-of-town, he plays golf, dines out for dinner, and spends time with his family.

"For me, I know I belong here.  I was born and raised here.  I could really live anywhere in the world I want to live; I live here because it's home.  It's where I'm supposed to be.  It's where God put me on this earth to live," he said.

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