Town of James Island puts forward moratorium on new developments

Town of James Island puts forward moratorium on new developments

More construction is being put on hold on James Island.
Thursday night the James Island Town Council put a temporary moratorium from large apartments from going up.
Earlier this month Charleston City Council passed a six-month ban on apartment developments on James Island within Charleston city limits.

The new moratorium covers the area of the city that are within the Town of James Island, land that isnt typically developed.

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - "What's happened on James island lately is some properties who are really zoned for business or commercial have been instead been turned into large complexes and the city wants to take a new look at that. Already that would be prohibited in the town of James island," James Island Mayor Woolsey said.

The moratorium doesn't put all a halt to all development, but rather large apartment complexes.

"It doesn't prohibited apartments nor are moratorium nor of the city however it's four units per acre so it would be on a large parcel a small apartment could be built," Woolsey said.

Thursday night was the first reading for the moratorium but the mayor said it is already in effect.

For months members of the James Island community have been pushing for a halt to new apartments going up.

"There's just been a huge amount of development. There's not the infrastructure. The traffic is increasing," Cathy Moore said.

She has lived on James Island for three years, and said she doesn't see the need for more apartments to come in.

"I wonder how many apartments we really need I wonder what people who rent bring to a community," Moore said.

Both the city of Charleston and town of James Island moratoriums last until November 5.

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