Photo of N. Charleston officer helping man to bus stop goes viral

Photo of N. Charleston officer helping man to bus stop goes viral

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A Summerville man said he posted a photo of a North Charleston police officer helping an elderly man to a bus stop to remind people the police care.

Garrod Collins posted a photo Tuesday of a North Charleston Police officer he saw assisting a man on a sidewalk on Rivers Avenue.

"Just saw this N. Charleston police officer pull over, get out of his car and help this elderly man walk to the bus stop while carrying his bags for him," he wrote on a Facebook post.

The photo shows the officer carrying three bags while helping the man, who appears to walk with a cane, along the sidewalk to a nearby bus stop.

Collins says he decided to post the photo because of all the negativity towards police officers these days.

"I just wanted people to see that we still have a lot of good ones out there," he said. "The city of North Charleston Police Department has taken a beating over the last few years. I just wanted the citizens to know the police still care."

The City of North Charleston even retweeted the image, thanking the man who posted it.

The photo has been shared more than 5,500 times and has received more than 240 comments.

"I was blown away by the comments," he said, adding the more-than 5,000 shares within a few hours "tells me that people really do care, meant the world to me, kinda restores some faith."

He also says he has a message for the officer.

"Thanks for setting a great example for others to follow," Collins said, urging people to "just care about each other and if you see a person that needs help, help them: police, citizens, it doesn't matter."

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