Locally owned stores prepare for tax-free weekend

Locally owned stores prepare for tax-free weekend
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - As you get ready to head back to school, there may be a long list of purchases you need to make.

You can save money by participating in the statewide tax-free weekend coming up.

It is South Carolina's 17th tax-free weekend.

There will be no 6% sales tax on any back-to-school items starting at midnight this Friday all the way through Sunday.

Locally owned stores call it the second-best shopping weekend after Black Friday.

“It really sets the tone for the upcoming school year,” Sarah Quinn said. She is a sales associate at Pink Crocodile, a locally owned boutique in North Charleston. “People love to come out and shop and get the most of their money.”

Quinn said local mom-pop shops see a surge in customers over this annual, holiday weekend.

"Most people don't want to fight the traffic and craziness at the mall or big box stores," Quinn said. "They come to local small businesses, save on already low prices, and all that money goes right back into the local community."

Downtown new-kid-on-the-block Skinny Dip Charleston employees agree.

They said they're excited for their first tax-free weekend.

"We opened here on King Street in April," store manager Jennifer Dorris said. "We're a baby. There's a lot of people who still don't know us here. We're looking forward to the opportunity to people coming in aside from downtown to do some shopping. Maybe some new customers and faces we haven't seen yet."

Dorris said tax-free weekend benefits all ages.

"Every new school year for anyone, whether that's college students, K-12, teachers, is a fresh start," Dorris said. "It's always fun to get new items and start the year fresh. It's been a major weekend in past years."

The South Carolina Department of Revenue reports shoppers in the state save anywhere from $2-3 million annually on tax-free weekend.

For more information about the upcoming holiday weekend, click this link.

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