New Citadel Mall owners plan sports complex addition

VIDEO: New owner plans sports complex addition for Citadel Mall
Source: Live 5
Source: Live 5

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some big changes are coming to Citadel Mall in West Ashley.

The new owners have plans in the works to build a world-class travel sports complex proposed as an addition to the mall.

It would be a place to host sports tournaments and draw in a variety of teams from all over the nation.

Shoppers who have recently visited Citadel Mall likely noticed the addition of a basketball court in the middle of the mall. The mall's new owners have put this in place as preview to what's to come in the future.

The new court is turning heads.

A managing member of the mall, Richard Davis, says it's a project he's been considering for years. It was a matter of time before he found the right location. He's also the creator of Flip This House, a home makeover show.

The purpose is to provide a facility where travel teams will be able to compete locally.

"We have a traveling economy, right now we take our money and we travel to cities, we leave our money there," Davis said. "It's almost like a home and away in sports, we're always playing away games, now we want to be the venue that can host all the home games for every sport."

He says building plans will accommodate a variety of sports that could include cheerleading, basketball, gymnastics, Futsal and more. The facility will also provide a space for theatrical and dance performances.

The complex will not be an open gym recreation center, but instead will provide opportunities for people to schedule events, games, or tournaments.

"People will say I don't like basketball, I'd rather go shagging," Davis said, "Well bring me a shagging event, you want to have a ping pong championship, we can do that too, I just want to plant the seed of creativity."

It will be some time before the complex is complete, but design plans are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

The goal is also to increase foot traffic in the mall.

"People who are at travel sports events, you don't have time to go hop in the car and go shopping, you are right there and you're playing seven games in 48 hours and it is very limited in where they can go," Davis said. "By attaching this to mall it's basically a one-stop shop,"

Davis' real estate services company, Trademark Properties, is a sponsor of a local club travel basketball team.

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