Local man to drive donations to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas

Local man to drive donations to Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Many people in the Charleston area are coming together to help people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

One local man with a big truck is taking donations for the relief efforts that he will drive to Texas.

He doesn't want to be identified, he just wants to help.

His idea to collect donations has spread on social media.

He says he messaged a stranger who posted on social media about experiencing the hurricane.

He asked what was needed in the area and the person responded saying they had lost everything.

Khalid Gadson, owner of Lucciono's Barshop, says his barbers and clients are going to help with donations.

"A friend of mine, he put this out on social media last night as a fishing hook and a lot of people bit on," Gadson said."We past that point of no return, we got to help out,"

A local non-profit founded by Joy Campbell is assisting too.

"My non-profit iServeWithJoy is all about bringing Joy to the community," Campbell said. "We heard about this amazing project that we're going to fill this truck tomorrow."

They'll be collecting items like water, clothes, food, school supplies, baby supplies like diapers, toiletries and more.

"Anything you think someone would need in a time like this," Gadson said. "Some of my friends down there say they lost everything.  A few of my family members they say they're alright but for the most part I know it's pretty bad for a lot of people, and for the days to come it's going to get probably a little worse."

The volunteers will be collecting items to fill the truck on Thursday at the Walmart Parking Lot on Rivers Avenue from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., look for the big yellow truck.

The address is 7400 Rivers Avenue.

"This is our way to be able to team up with other people who have the same vision and same goals and to make it happen," Campbell said. "My
hope is that we can fill this truck up and send all of our love and support."

If they can raise enough money their plan is to send another truck full of supplies to Texas.

"I know how hard it is when you're displaced  and your family is out the home. Life is not comfortable. So it hurts for people to see them in that situation," Gadson said.

If you'd like to contact the group you can reach Joy at 843-480-5947 or IServeWithJoy@gmail.com.

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