Edisto residents dealing with remnants of flooding, debris after Irma

Updated: Sep. 15, 2017 at 5:15 PM EDT
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Source: Live 5
Source: Live 5

EDISTO BEACH, SC (WCSC) - Hundreds of residents that live on Edisto Beach are dealing with the clean up of debris and sand after Irma passed through.

Crews in the area are working to move dirt away from the streets and back towards the beach.

Edisto Beach still full of sand.

Hurricane Irma hit the town of Edisto Beach hard. After the storm passed, streets looked more like beaches as sand and flood water filled the roads.

Official crews have been in the beach town working all week.

One man says he's thankful the damage wasn't worse.

Jimmy Barnhill lives on Edisto Beach.

When he heard the call to evacuate, he didn't waste any time.

"I'm tickled I don't have more damage than I got. Because a lot of—some people do," Barnhill said,

He's particularly tickled because his house means a lot to him.

"Started building this house in 1981 and finished it in the late 82," Barnhill said.

But the street he left wasn't the same when he came back after the storm.

"I saw water, water and water. And limbs, and limbs and limbs," Barnhill said.

The street is still flooded in some places.

As for the debris, Barnhill is picking it up... one bag at a time.

"I've always loved to piddle and do things myself rather than have to call on somebody else.," Barnhill said.

Barnhill was out in his yard filling bags of debris for the second day in a row.

After living for more than 30 years in a house he built himself, he's just happy to be back.

"This is home," Barnhill said.

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