Citadel battling issue of mold; 'significant' number of rooms infected

Citadel battling issue of mold; 'significant' number of rooms infected

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Citadel is dealing with a mold issue in two of the school's barracks.

Col. John Dorrian with the Citadel said a significant number of the rooms are seeing an issue.

"I won't say it's in all the rooms, but it is in a significant number of them," Dorrian said.

Dorrian said none of the cadets have been removed from the infected barracks.

"The barracks are full, so we're cleaning those rooms and what we've done is instructed the cadets to notify their officers if they find mold so it can be addressed," Dorrian said.

"We've done testing, some initial testing and found it to be a common mold that's not toxic. But it can cause some allergy-like symptoms for people," said Dorian.

The college is using 230 dehumidifiers to try and combat the issue.

The school is acquiring an additional 270 dehumidifiers so every room in those barracks can have one on hand to eliminate the moisture, a price Dorrian said is upwards of $90,000.

Additional testing is being done to tackle the long-term issue when it comes to air conditioning.

Dorian said the heat and more humid conditions is what caused the mold issue, and has the highest level of attention to be fixed.

"Certainly no one wants to live with mold that's not acceptable to us," Dorrian said.

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