Man who helped deliver baby after police chase reunites with family

VIDEO: Man who helped deliver baby after police chase reunites with family
Updated: Jan. 2, 2018 at 6:37 PM EST
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Nearly 40 hours after a dramatic law enforcement pursuit early New Years Day morning, which ended with a baby girl born in the middle of Interstate 26, the new parents and the man who delivered the baby were reunited Tuesday.

Shortly after the ball dropped in Times Square, Carl Alewine and his fiancé, Tiffani, jumped in their Jeep and took off to MUSC for the arrival of their little girl.

Carl said Tiffani unexpectedly went into labor 3.5 weeks early.

"Awww, she's a little bit cleaner this time," said Neal Arrington, the man who helped deliver the baby.

Arrington reunited with the Alewine's, and little Anastasia in their hospital room at MUSC Tuesday afternoon.

"It was nice having someone there though because I was terrified," Tiffani said.

"Yeah, you were probably a bit more concerned about him though," Arrington said.

That's because when Tiffani and Carl jumped in their car and sped down I-26, they picked up a few blue lights along the way.

"We got to where the interstate kind of starts turning and I saw one, two, three, four, five, six," Carl said. "I said oh my god babe we've got all the cops in the world after us right now."

"He has indicated that he sees the officers behind him, so he may be going to something or responding to a family emergency or something," an officer said via radio Monday morning, which was captured on video by Arrington.

Eventually Carl did pull over near the Cosgrove Avenue exit on I-26, where he was handcuffed by authorities while they figured out what was going on.

"It's looking like a lady may be going into labor or something in this car... yeah she's going into labor," audio transmission state.

That's where Arrington, a firefighter with the Goose Creek Fire Department, came in to assist.

"I asked the mom how many weeks she was, sat there and told her I needed to take a peek, saw a head full of hair and then caught it," he said.

Arrington said the interaction wasn't more than three minutes long, but it was something the Alewine's wanted to officially say thank you for.

"If you weren't there, what could have happened?" Carl said.

"Especially with it being my first time giving birth, I didn't plan to have a natural birth," Tiffani added.

This wasn't Arrington's first time delivering a baby either. He helped a boy on the interstate nearly 20 years ago.

"I got to deliver a boy and a girl so I'm happy," he said.

Arrington was riding along with his son, a deputy with the Charleston County Sheriff's Office New years Eve.

The family hopes to be discharged from the hospital Wednesday, but because Anastasia was born several weeks early the family could remain in the hospital a bit longer.

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