Citadel cadets prepare for semester at sea

Citadel cadets prepare for semester at sea

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A group of 15 Citadel cadets are preparing to sail out of Charleston harbor to experience a semester at sea.

The program, "Citadel at Sea," allows the cadets to learn the ropes of sailing from qualified crew members of the tall ship The Spirit of South Carolina.

The 140-foot schooner will be the classroom for the next four months as the vessel sails to different ports-of-call in the Caribbean.

The Spirit of South Carolina is modeled after a 19th century ship and its crew will teach the students how to operate the ship.

Professors from the Citadel will be flown to the ports-of-call to teach further lessons on maritime commerce, culture, history and ecosystems.

Zane Segle, director of the Citadels Study Abroad program describes it as extraordinarily beneficial,  "They're able to take some of the things that they've learned at the Citadel through their leadership studies program and apply them in a situation that's challenging, potentially difficult academically as well as physically."

The cadets will practice sailing around the harbor for the next few days before they officially set sail for the Caribbean on Sunday morning.

They will return to Charleston in April.

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