Cane Bay homeowner helped quickly thanks to temporary EMS location

Cane Bay homeowner helped quickly thanks to temporary EMS location
Updated: Feb. 19, 2018 at 7:57 PM EST
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SUMMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Homeowners in the Cane Bay community may receive medical help a bit faster thanks to a temporary EMS location.

Sunday Berkeley County EMS moved an ambulance, paramedics and emergency medical technicians to a interim location at K. Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay location.

The location will be used until a future station in Cane Bay is built.

"Time is of the essence no matter what happens when you're waiting for them to come," said Gail Richvalsky, of Summerville.

That was certainly a fact Sunday night for one of Richvalsky's friends.

"She had some new medication she hadn't used before and had an adverse reaction," Richvalsky said. "Of course, they were panicking, so I went over there and we called 911. They (EMS) were there within three minutes I would say, instead of 15. So that was great."

In the end her friend was okay, but Richvalsky said it goes to show the need for medical services like this in the Cane Bay community.

"We had just had a conversation about this in her driveway about how wonderful it was that this was going to be back here," she said. "They said this never knowing they would be the ones to need them."

"I think it's a blessing to the community. It's great," said Ed Mahoney, who lives in the Cane Bay community. "They're on point, and this is going to be their base for a period of time. It's a very comforting feeling for anybody who lives in here, or in proximity."

K. Hovnanian's Four Seasons at Lakes of Cane Bay will provide a portion of their office building, and space outside for an ambulance.

"This wonderful agreement allows our EMS professionals to have the resources needed to ensure the safety of Cane Bay residents, and the rest of the County, remains a priority," said Berkeley County Supervisor Bill Peagler. "With Cane Bay's continued growth, our EMS team must have the means to provide lifesaving support to these residents."

Some homeowners agree.

"It's a three or four-mile ride back in here, so by the time they get back here, it could be 15 or 20 minutes," Richvalsky said. "You just never know."

"With all due respect, the infrastructure is way behind, the services are way behind the developers," Mahoney said.

Berkeley County Chief of Emergency Medical Services, Matthew Lindewirth, said the County made a promise to increase capabilities in Cane Bay area of the County, and officials are working to keep that promise.

"Our entire staff, from the field personnel to the command staff, have worked extremely hard over the past year to increase our capabilities to respond to medical emergencies throughout the entire County," Lindewirth said. "One of those areas is the Cane Bay community. This will provide advanced life support capability in the most timely and efficient manner possible for our citizens."

Berkeley County spokeswoman Hannah Moldenhauer said the ambulance in Cane Bay will operate on a 12-hour shift from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the temporary location.

This is the first of five additional EMS vehicles added to the fleet from last year's approved budget, Moldenhauer added.

Once a permanent location is secured, the ambulance will likely move into a 24-hour shift.

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